New Balance x Teddy Santis MADE in USA Sweatpant



Draw Closed on 23/06

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In addition to the seasonal models of the 990v1, 990v2 and 990v3, the latest collaborative collection between American giants, New Balance and Teddy Santis will also include classic American sportswear apparel. With a keen eye towards craftsmanship, Santis has made a name for himself by creating products with a New York sensibility. He’s also highly regarded for his deep commitment to authentic storytelling, which is a thread that he’ll sew throughout his work with New Balance. Santis’s vision for MADE is focused on designs that highlight New Balance’s history, heritage and craftsmanship through product, materials, and use of colour.

Using that narrative as the overarching inspiration for the collection, Santis then segmented it into three distinct categories:
 elevated legacy  Celebrating the foundational classic colors of the brand in premium executions
 uniform staple  Easy to wear colors that become everyday wardrobe mainstays
 quickstrike  Pushing innovative colors and materials that provide a unique take on key models